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NCT Offers


Purchase our E-books.

Enhancing Literacy at Home. A printable guide for parents with engaging activities for students. 

O.T. Tips for Handwriting Skills.  A guide for handwriting tips and activities for students.

Home and School Consultation
We provide families with specific curriculum and support for homeschooling and  recommendations for private, charter, public or homeschool options. We frequently visit schools and after school extra curricular activities for consulting. 


Toolkit Guides 
We provide families with valuable information, strategies, resources and checklists  

  • A.D.H.D., Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Learning Differences

  • Study and note taking  Strategies 

  • Learning Styles 

  • Middle School Readiness  - what students must learn before starting middle school with classes we offer

  • The process for obtaining an I.E.P. or 504

  • The process from homeschooling to public school

  • Behavior Strategies 

  • Specific Curriculum list for homeschoolers

  • Kindergarten Readiness 

Grant Writing

NCT  is a NCSEAA and ESA approved  provider. We assist families in the grant process.



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