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Engaging Instruction

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Researched Based Curriculum.

Strategies that focus on Comprehension, Vocabulary skills, Phonics, Spelling, Fluency and Writing Skills.

Recipe for Reading intervention for students first though fifth grade

Orton – Gillingham reading program offered.

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Academic Coaching for parents.

Strategies for Success provided for a variety of settings from schools, sports and social events after observations. 

Math Formulas


Hands on learning with problem solving solutions for real world applications. Building on logical reasoning and foundational techniques. All levels of math from addition, multiplication & division to word problems. Middle School Math of all levels also offered.

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Self-Awareness, Self-Management,

Decision - Making and Goal Setting.

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I.E.P. or 504 PLAN

Our staff specializes in learning differences and supports families with the process. We are here to evaluate goals and objectives. We can help prepare for teacher conferences, meetings and assist with each step. 

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We offer Innovative Learning Platforms to enhance student’s skills. We balance tailored instruction with Independent Practice. 

We offer a variety of diagnostic tools for relevant information about performance and to determine a student’s skill level.


I-Ready - State Tests with each standard of Math and Reading

NWEA - done in our office with the company.

Gallistel – Ellis Test – a comprehensive measure of coding skills 

D.R.A. – Developmental Reading Assessment

Q.R.I. – Qualitative Reading Inventory for Reading Comprehension

Rigby Benchmark for Reading - Fountas/Pinnell reading benchmark

Kindergarten Readiness - assess skills for entering K

​B.R.I. - Basic Reading Inventory for early literacy


CORE Literacy - multiple measures of literacy

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NCT is a NCSEAA provider. We assist families in the grant writing process Contact us for more information on this service.

To learn more about grants, visit www.ncseaa.edu